Chiefs Looking for Big 4 Points in Nanaimo

The Vancouver North East Chiefs will head to Nanaimo this weekend to take on the North Island Silvertips in BC Major Midget League action.

The Chiefs are currently sitting in 2nd place in the league and want to finish 1st to solidify home ice advantage through the post season.

Chiefs captain Dante Ballarin and his club knows how critical the final 6 games are of the season with important points to get,

Dante Ballarin

“It is a big weekend coming up, we need these 4 points to try and get home ice advantage in the playoffs. We need to play more as a team and not let little things get to our heads, move pucks quick, no blind pucks, and always be first to pucks. I think that is something we really need to implement in our game to be successful”.


Game times in Nanaimo are scheduled for 6:45 tomorrow night and 8 AM Sunday Morning.


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