5 incredible LatinX films

Growing up in a LatinX house, I enjoyed some amazing things. Passionate love from my family, danceable tunes, delicious food and of course movies always in the background. Because being LatinX Is considered a minority, some of the films that represented me were far few in between. The movies that I did have to watch were so beautiful. So today, let’s dive into these awesome LatinX films.


Selena tells the story of the beautiful life of the late great music icon Selena. Jennifer Lopez stars in this biopic filled with fun music, heart, adversity, laughter and tears. Selena is a name everybody knows, and this 1997 film still holds up as much as her story does to this day. Out of all these films, this is the one you must watch. She is an Icon who will live on forever.

El Norte

This beautifully shot film by LatinX director Gregory Nava, tells the story of 2 humans who have to leave everything they know behind in order to make the trek from war-ridden Guatemala to “El Norte” or the United States. This all too familiar tale will really ground you and put your everyday life into perspective. A must watch.

La Bamba

This movie, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, tells the tragic American tale about Ritchie Valens, a rising Mexican-American rock sensation who hit it big with his rendition of “La Bamba”. The film showcases his struggles with fame, family and his untimely death on that day the music died.

Mi Vida Loca

This film dives deep into the lives of Latina women living in impoverished Echo Park, Los Angeles. It tells the story of women struggling to cope with friendships, gang violence, pregnancies and trying to feel like you don’t fit in anywhere. A truly captivating tale from the start.


This award-winning film tells 2 stories. One about a teen girl who gets pregnant right as she is preparing for her pivotal Quinceañera and her cousin who gets kicked out of his home due to his homosexuality in East LA. The trials and tribulations that so many LatinX folk face is shown in a very real and innocent light throughout this film. A tearjerker but still beautiful.

All of these films are beautiful. It doesn’t matter your race, language, country or colour. Anyone can relate to these films and everyone should watch them.

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