TV; Bringing People Together

When you walk into my house there are a few things you’ll notice right away. Its open; from the front door, through the family room and into the kitchen, it’s pretty much one giant room. Then you’ll notice the sofa, it’s big and very wide because there’s four of us. Four grown adults in one house and you can imagine we got really tired of sitting so close to each other. Don’t get it wrong there’s a lot of love here, we just like our personal space. The third thing you’ll probably notice is the television; unless your really into electronics in which case you’d probably notice the TV first. 82 inches, perched up against the wall, usually playing some sort of documentary on Netflix that my mom put on.

I’ve thought a lot about TV. Some people don’t have TV’s because it makes them less productive or they don’t like watching the news…  there could be many reasons but I feel differently about TV and in some cases, I think it brings people like me and my family together at the end of each day.

Now as a child, my mother wouldn’t let us watch for hours on end. Of course they say it can affect a kids mental development and I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to because I wouldn’t trade those hours spent playing outside for anything but now that I’m older I can binge an entire season. My mom still walks by saying “I don’t know how you can sit there for that long” but I’m an adult now and she can’t stop me.

Because I’m the youngest in the family I have some influence on what we watch and what we do, maybe it’s my charm, maybe they just love me but I’ve gotten my mom, dad and brother all hooked on shows.

I remember Christmas break 2016, my parents and I spent the majority of it watching thirteen seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” and it was such a good way to bond. We talked about all of the characters, chatted about the medical marvels and the crazy stunts in the show and now that new episodes are on cable, every Wednesday night I look forward to going home to watch with my mom and dad.











My brother didn’t love all of the extra relationship stuff that came along with “Grey’s” so we started a show called “Prison Break”. It took awhile to finish it considering our busy schedules now that both of us are in university, but whenever we had some free time we always made some popcorn and got through a few episodes.








While it may not be much, they’re still good memories I have of spending time with my family and whenever I see anything to do with either of those shows, I’m reminded of my family and all of those hours spent with them.

You have to remember, watching TV isn’t all I do, I promise. I mean I’m 21, I go out on the weekends, study all week but I regardless of all of this I always look forward to evenings on the couch with my family. In fact I’m sitting on the couch right now as I write this. My dad next to me, mom next to him and brother on the other end. They’re watching some documentary on honey bees and while I could be upstairs at my desk writing this I’m not because why do that when I can be near them, even if what they’re watching is super boring.

TV isn’t all bad, who knows maybe it’ll bring your family closer together one day.

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