Where is the warm weather

This morning was a chilly -8 in Vancouver. It’s safe to say that I was freezing the moment I left my house.

I understand that us humans who are lucky enough to experience these Vancouver winters shouldn’t have to complain when comparing us to the rest of the country. With that being said, I’m still going to complain.

I hate cold weather and to me, anything in the single digits and under is freezing. I just can’t understand how people in any other part of Canada survive the winter year after year and still decide to stay. Maybe it’s just my body that’s never gotten used to the cold weather, the fact that my ethnic and cultural roots come from a tropical place or the fact that I’m a summer baby that add to my confusion.

It’s not just the cold that I cannot stand, but also the snow is something that should not ever happen. People who genuinely enjoy this type of weather confuse me.

I get it, I sound like I’m complaining about every little thing that winter has to offer but, that’s just the person that I am. I would be totally fine with warm weather all year long. It’s just better.

You don’t need to worry about freezing, you can go out and spend time with friends without a jacket, eat outside, go to the beaches, wear less clothing and so much more. Cold weather limits you and why would I want to be limited?

All that to say, I hate the winter and summer need to come today.

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