Highlights & Lowlights of the Grammys

The Grammys aired live yesterday and it was packed with many ups and downs. A lot of mixed reviews flooded various social media platforms, whether it be about the performances, winners, or outfits. Instead of enjoying the snow last night, I stayed cozy in my living room as I watched every minute of the award show. Here are the highlights and lowlights of last night’s Grammy awards.


Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys hosted this years 51st annual Grammy awards with such grace. She brought out such a genuine feel on stage and made it feel as if the Grammys were completely natural and chill. She invited four prominent women to the stage; Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and the glorious Michelle Obama who all expressed their passion for music. My favourite part of the night was Key’s performance with her shoutout to Hazel Scott and her talent to play on two pianos at once. Keys played various renditions of popular songs throughout the century, while ending off the performance with one of her hit singles Empire State of Mind. Class, elegance, humour, and talent. Alicia Key’s was the perfect host.


Shawn Mendes & Miley Cyrus

Photo Creds: US Weekly

Shawn Mendes started off his performances on a gorgeous piano and mellowed out lights singing his hit song ‘In My Blood.’ Taking stage, Miley Cyrus joins Mendes, who adds quite the vocal power to the entire performance. Vocals and stage aesthetics definitely made this performance one of my top favourites of the night. With this being his very first Grammy attendance and nominations, Mendes showed what talent he had to offer in the perfect way.


Jennifer Lopez’s Motown Tribute

There is no doubt that Jlo is such an extravagantly talented artist. She can make a show with her vocals, dance moves, outfits, and so much more. Yet, this performance just wasn’t it. Yes, she executed a breathtaking performance, but she shouldn’t have been chosen to give tribute to Motown in the first place. One, she is not a motown singer and two, motown was historically built off of black talent. The Grammys did a good choice picking Nelly as one of the performers, but it would have been exceptionally better if the other performer was another black artist, not Jlo.



After being awarded the Grammy for Best Rap Song, Gods Plan, Drake went on stage to accept his award. Many were surprised by his attendance at the award show but what surprised others the most was the fact that his speech was cut off halfway through. After nicely sharing with his fans and other artists that in order to achieve success you don’t need a Grammy, the award show seemingly cut off the rest of his speech straight into commercial break. Was it on purpose? Many are still figuring that out.


Post Malone and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Who knew Post Malone could sing? I’m not gonna lie he is notorious for auto tune, so it was impressive seeing him sing on his own so well. He performed alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers which was an interesting duo. My only issue was the performance felt VERY stretched out. Seemed as if it lasted forever, but it was good regardless. Many kept note of 21 Savage’s un-attendence due to his arrest by ICE officers. Post Malone rocked a 21 Savage printed shirt backstage in support of the artist.


Travis Scott

Photo Creds: Rolling Stones

I was already turned off by Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s red carpet look. I do love them as a couple and their adorable child Stormi, but last night was just not it. Scott’s performance was also a major disappointment in my eyes. When you have an artist that KNOWS how to pull off a show with lights, special effects, and so forth, you expect the same performance during music’s biggest nights. It felt off and mediocre. The cage itself excited me, but it wasn’t used in its best advantage. I love you Travis Scott, but you can honestly do so much better and you know it.


Janelle Monae

What a performance! ‘Make Me Feel’ was an outstanding combination of Prince and Janet Jackson through funk and groove. Her sensual movements combined with a robotic/electric theme displayed every artistic angle that Monae represents. Her powerful femininity and woman power are what encompass the feel of her song, as well as her “Let the vagina have a monologue,” cheer. Ending with a mic drop, Monae displayed exactly what how she gained that Grammy nominee.



Such a beautiful, soulful performance. This R&B artist has proved to the audience and those watching back home what she is all about. Head to toe decked in a beautifully sequenced outfit, her signature rounded shades, and a transparent guitar, H.E.R. brings her hit singles to life. If there is one voice I would listen to for the rest of my life, it is definitely H.E.R.


Lady Gaga

Oh my GAGA. I am a huge fan of Shallow but her performance made me love the song and her so much more. Lady Gaga was not Ally at that moment, she was her true artistic self. She took the hit song and made it her very own. With crazy hair flips, a glittery outfit, and massive body movement, whatever Gaga does makes everyone go wild. This was honestly the performance we all have been waiting for and it was glamorously perfect. I was keeping eye of her almost hitting Mark Ronson a couple times while he played acoustic guitar, but she loves making her audience live on the edge.


Camila Cabello, Ricky Martin, & J Balvin

What better way to open an awards show than with some latin wave. With the stage lit up cascading bright colours and unique styles, Camila Cabello opens up the show with her biggest hit ‘Havana.’ Young Thug makes a quick appearance and in comes Ricky Martin and J Balvin who help Cabello end her performance all together. Brining the power of latino music, culture, and presence to the Grammy stage, these three worked wonders in getting the guests on their feet.

Many other performances have brought the audience to their feet such as the recognition of Dolly Parton and Diana Ross, Brandi Carlile’s stunning performance, and Cardi B’s eccentric depiction of her hit song Money. One upsetting thing I can point out is the loss of recognition for Mac Miller and the short performance for Aretha Franklin’s tribute. With all the star-studded power and glamour with Parton and Ross’ performances, it would have been equally great to give Aretha Franklin that same time and effort. Also, this has sparked some controversy but the Grammy’s did invite Mac Miller’s parents to the award show in hopes through everyone that he would win and he sadly didn’t which caused quite the uproar. On top of that, many believed there would have been a performance or some recognition piece for Mac as he has left quite the footprint behind in the hip hop/rap industry.


Other than that, the Grammys weren’t too bad after all. Many guests refused to attend due to other personal/political reasons, but other than that it was alright. Do I think it could have been better? Absolutely. What do you think. Did the Grammy’s do a good job this year or was last year way better?

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