Vancouver neighbourhoods that aren’t just in Downtown

With the minus temperatures finally hitting Vancouver, I’m sure many of us don’t want to go out on the town unless we have to. But Vancouver does have many vibrant neighbourhoods that you should check out when the weather warms up again that isn’t just in Downtown Vancouver or the typical ones you read on a Vancouver tour guide.

Punjabi Market
The Punjabi Market is located from E 41st to Marine Drive on both Fraser and Main Street. A majority of markets and Indian restaurants are located along this strip in South Vancouver. Looking for samosas, butter chicken, korma or anything Indian? Head over to the Punjabi Market. You won’t be disappointed

Kerrisdale is a neighbourhood on Vancouver’s westside filled with a lot of history and culture. It’s a cute spot to walk through, grab some dessert or coffee and people watch! Especially once the weather warms up, Kerrisdale is a place to go.


Davie Village
Vancouver’s Gay village is situated near the beaches on the West End. As one of the largest Gay villages in Canada, it never fails to disappoint. Filled with so much community, incredible clubs, bars, restaurants and much more! The Davie Village is a spot you need to check out when you’re in Vancouver!


South Granville
When you think of Granville, your mind automatically goes to the entertainment district in Downtown. If you just head over the Granville Street bridge you will get to a vibrant neighbourhood called South Granville. Head over to grab some great cheesecake, read a book, do some local shopping and enjoy the beautiful views of the downtown core! Definitely worth the trek.

These are just 4 of the neighbourhoods that aren’t spoken of much when thinking of Vancouver. Take a day trip to any of these (or all of them) and enjoy the beauty that Vancouver has to offer!

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