Love your mom

I spent some personal time with my mom this past Tuesday. We decided to go for a walk around Steveston just to catch up with life, school, work and everything in both our lives. During our little afternoon excursion, a conversation came up where I asked her how she ended up finding her first Lower Mainland apartment in 1997 when she moved here with myself. From there forward she proceeded to tell me the whole story of her struggle in Vancouver for the first few years.

My mom has told me this story so many times, but I always enjoy hearing it each time. Every time she tells me all the things, she’s been through in her lifetime, I feel that it grounds me and makes me put everything into perspective. This woman is the prime example of how sometimes you can only rely on yourself to get ahead in life. I always say that now, as an adult, if I can be half the person that she was and just try my best to make her current life as smooth as possible, I will be happy.

Moms are incredible. The love they have for their children, family, friends and themselves is like something else. I appreciate all the mother figures that I’ve had throughout my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person that I am now. Appreciate your mom every day, they brought you into this world and you only have 1.

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