Ryan Murphys’ ‘Scream Queens’ could be making a comeback

Ryan Murphy’s cult classic ‘Scream Queens’ will hopefully be making its way back to the small screen in the near future! Creator Ryan Murphy announced that there are talks about reviving the short-lived series, which is a wonderful thing to hear!

‘Scream Queens’ came and went in the blink of an eye but left a lasting impact on the internet as one of Ryan Murphy’s most memorable shows. Whether it be the quotes, outfits, settings or the way they made a horror show campy and funny. The show was amazing and memorable.

Emma Robert embodies the mean girl character to a tea as both Chanel on ‘Scream Queens’ and Madison Montgomery on American Horror Story that she always steals the scene. All that is to say that it makes me happy to know that she, along with other actors on the show including Lea Michelle and Billie Lourde is on board for a reboot.

Sometimes shows are gone too soon or they are produced in a time which they are underappreciated, so it makes me happy to know that this reboot will most likely happen in a time when the show has been able to gain an appreciation and be released on hopefully an internet platform such as Netflix.

And just on a personal note, I really loved the concept of ‘Scream Queens’. I’m a huge fan of a campy horror storyline that can stand on its own as well as be an anthology series. The original cast was amazing, and I really hope that most, if not all of them are up for a reunion.

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