Inside a Retail Workers Mind

Let’s get one thing straight. I love working in retail. I love helping customers on finding what they need, and I love working with clothing, accessories, and so forth. What I do hate with this job? Rude, un-mannered customers. Here is what goes on inside of every retail workers mind when customers decide to pull whack moves on us.

First, we have customers that love to yell in order to get what they want. You may end up getting what you want, but you will be the discussion of every topic revolved around terrible customer experiences. There have been countless times where the customer does not get what they want when yelling, because we simply can’t go forward with what they are asking for. This makes the customer look more out of place than anything. Honestly, if you ask or go forward with something nicely, we might actually give you exactly what you need without you throwing a fit. Just saying.

Secondly, customers that treat sales associates as servants. I have no problem carrying your clothing items as you continue to shop around or give you endless amount of fashion advice, but the minute you start throwing clothes at my face to carry for you is when I feel extremely disrespected. It doesn’t hurt to ask for assistance. It’s my job to help you out, but it’s your job to respect me as a human being.

Third, customers that think we own the store. These customers always crack me up because they think us minimum wage workers can bend the rules or answer questions that we simply have no answer too.

“Why is the return policy only 14 days?”
“Why is it only exchange?”
“Can you give me more discounts please?”
“The store is too expensive. Why are you so expensive?”

I literally have to go, I’m sorry I don’t have the answer to your question, and I get left with a stank face. I’m sorry but I don’t own this place. I can’t do anything and even if I did, I would be fired on the spot. I’m not risking my job because you want random discounts. Please.

This list can honestly go on and on, but the moral of this entire article comes down to one simple thing: respect. It doesn’t take much to respect customer service workers and what they do every day. There have been countless times where customers are rude to my coworkers, which leaves them crying in the back room because of the treatment they get. We are humans with feelings just like anyone else. Niceness honestly goes a very long way!

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