Evolution 1079 Presents: “Date With the Fishes” Contest

News flash, Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away!!!

Ocean Wise

Now that we have your attention, you’re probably freaking out right now as to how to make this year extra special for your loved one – since you like to procrastinate and plan things last minute. I mean no pressure or anything, but especially since high school teenagers are breaking the bank just to throw an lavish, over-the-top and unnecessary prom proposal, you might wanna think of something better than the overused and boring cliché dinner and chocolates combo.

Well good thing that Evolution’s here for ya because we’ve got the tickets just for you.

Evolution 1079 and The Vancouver Aquarium are teaming up, and we’re giving you the chance to win two tickets to their special Adult-Only After Hours Event with our “Date with the Fishes” contest.

That’s right. Adult. Meaning no kids. At all. Period. Full stop. So you don’t have to worry about them being up all over the glass trying to find the blasted octopus.

Ocean Wise

On Thursday February 14th from 6 pm -11 pm, the Aquarium will be closing their doors for the little young ones, and opening it just for the “mature” audience – whether you’re part of a couple, BFF’s, or the proud forever-singles celebrating Singles Awareness Day.

In addition to exploring the halls you’re already familiar with, the Aquarium is adding some extra special features this year; including, a naughty puppet show that will have you in stitches, a “Meet a Penguin” program, as well as veterinary fellow Dr. Megan Strobel passing down all the spicy info you need to know about how the marine life down in the sea actually “get down” under the sea.

Ocean Wise

Discover tidbits you never knew you needed in your life like what aquatic animal has the biggest penis to body size ratio, what species mates for 14 hours straight, and the four ways that sharks can reproduce in a Shark Reproduction Show. That’s right. Four.

Plus, there will be food, cocktails, beer, wine and “Love Potions” available for purchase throughout the Aquarium.

Ocean Wise

To enter our “Date with the Fishes” contest, all you gotta do is check out our post on our Facebook page HERE and follow the three simple instructions. But you gotta be 19 years or older. Again… “Adults Only” means “No Kids.”

For more info, click HERE to visit the Vancouver Aquarium’s page on the after hours event.

Good luck, Happy Valentine’s Day, and keep it locked to Evolution 1079.

Must be 19 years or older to enter, and Photo ID will be required for entry into the venue. Must be a Canadian citizen. Contest date runs February 1st – February 8th. One entry per person. Winner will be selected at random.

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