Mr. Sun, please shine down on me!

If you’re like me, when you woke up this morning and saw that it wasn’t raining for once, you were instantly in a good mood. Imagine how happy I get when the sun is out! The sunshine makes everything better. It’s warm and bright, walking 15 minutes from my car to the Evolution building is better, and just the feeling of being outside since it’s been a long and cold winter is great. And there’s actually science to prove it!

During fall and winter, some people tend to feel low and have less energy simply because it’s dark and gloomy outside and the rain is constant. But if it’s ever more than just being sad it’s raining, it could be seasonal effective disorder. It’s a real thing; becoming moody, losing interest in activities you usually enjoy, being tired and losing energy all because of the weather and the season. It’s called seasonal effective disorder or SAD and when I first realized it was a thing, it made a ton of sense but was also kind of shocking.

There are many reasons as to why someone might become down and depressed but lack of sunshine never entered my mind until I noticed such a drastic change in my mood once it started getting darker earlier and the rain was non stop. I guess that’s what I get living in BC but at least now I know that’s what it is and I’m not just being a moody for no reason.

Sunlight increases serotonin which is the chemical that makes us happy, so naturally it makes sense that being outside in the sun boosts our mood. Vitamin D also helps the body increase happiness. The winter can be long and gloomy but every once in a while were blessed with a sunny day. Yes they are usually freezing, accompanied by frost on the ground but the sun makes everything better.

So if you’re feeling sad try not to sit in the dark -light therapy is a thing for a reason. Even turning the lights on in your room while you sit around doing nothing is helpful! Try not to let the clouds and rain get you, remember that the sun still rises everyday regardless of being covered with clouds or not and sometime soon it will shine through. And before you know it, it’ll be summer and we’ll be complaining about the heat!





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