Future Without Marriage & Children

People have the typical aspirations in life. If you ask almost anyone, their future looks a lot like a big happy family. Being married and having kids in a suburban home alongside a dog. People work their whole lives to achieve that one goal. Well, not me.

I grew up never really having an interest in wanting kids. Once I got into my first, real relationship after high school, I still didn’t have that vision. I don’t see children as much of a future goal or plan anytime soon. I mean, If there’s a day I do end up being pregnant than so be it, but not now and not anytime soon. I’ve never had that desire that most people do.

All my friends are looking forward to getting married and raising a family later on in their lives. They work hard now for it. I work hard now for myself, but that reasoning doesn’t satisfy everyone. What makes it worse is the fact that I’m South Asian. Getting married and having kids is the staple cultural life of every South Asian family, but here I am publicly vocalizing my non-interest in marriage and kids.

Does this annoy my parents? Not as much as I thought it would. They just want me to be happy and if that means no man no child, than so be it. I’m living for myself and if one day I feel like having a mini-me as company than sure, I’ll consider it. Just not an idea I fancy now.

Marriage and children shouldn’t be the only life goals, especially for women. There’s so much more out there to aspire for!

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