15 minutes of fame

What happened to Lil Tay?

In today’s social media age, the concept of 15 minutes of fame really applies. You’re famous one day and can be forgotten the next. That’s just the way the internet works. If you really want to stay relevant and make a career online, you have to be actively pursuing it.

Remember Lil Tay? Haven’t heard that name in a while right! That little 9-year-old that seemed to come out of nowhere with her rebellious nature and her “flexing on the gram” lifestyle, she is probably a prime example of this 15 minutes of fame in the social media age. The girl suddenly disappeared from the internet after a few weeks of being basically everywhere.

Lil Tay is now living back in Vancouver, where she is originally from. Her father is trying to give her the most normal life possible after a whirlwind summer for the 9-year-old.

Sure, it’s all fun and games when you’re the one watching everything unfold, but sometimes these situations can take a toll on the people who are showcasing their lives on the internet. Lil Tay was being manipulated by the people around her who wanted to make money. It’s a sad situation that she has all these things on the internet that will live on forever.

But with that being said, us as consumers of this type on entertainment should try our best to be aware that it can affect the people doing this, especially if the person that we are watching are not even of age.

Let’s try our best at least?

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