We need to talk about homophobia and racism towards queer people of colour

‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett was attacked early Tuesday morning in an unprovoked homophobic and racist hate crime in Chicago.

So many things are wrong with that sentence. It’s sad that in a time when everything looks to be so progressive, especially in North America, homophobic and racist attacks still happen.

As a queer person of colour, this attack really hits close to home because I feel like it can happen to myself or anyone who falls into that category. I do not want to take away from Jussie’s attack but if we as a society are speaking up on his attack, just imagine all the other queer people of colour who get attacked on a daily basis whose stories don’t get any attention.

It’s so brave for people to be so open with their sexuality, especially in a public space. I like to believe that I am comfortable living my life as a Gay man, but I would be lying if I said that stories like this don’t make me think about a similar thing happening to me by just holding my boyfriend’s hand out in public.

This is why we need to stay vigilant and continue the fight towards equality for LGBTQ+ and people of colour. Just because we are all equal under the law does not mean we are treated equally, and we as a society need to understand this and speak up when we see and hear injustices happening.

Let this be a reminder that there is still a fight to fight and we can never be too comfortable.

One thought on “We need to talk about homophobia and racism towards queer people of colour

  1. That’s horrible this happened to Jussie Smollett, at this day and age. Even tho the society is evolving, it’s clearly seen that there is a long way to go still!

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