The Glorious Happy Hour

Photo Creds: The Georgia Straight

We all love having a good drink here and there. I, myself love to have drinks at any occasion. Breakfast? Mimosas. Lunch? Sangrias. Dinner? Tequila. When it comes to drinks, I like them cheap. It can be hard going to restaurants and finding drinks that are affordable. Most drinks are almost $10 and they aren’t strong enough to hit the right spot, ya feel? So here I am saving the day.

I’ll tell you the top spot to get the most affordable drinks possible. Whenever my friends and I are going out, we make sure to hit this restaurant joint to get the perfect drinks. Now, what is this place you may ask?

One word. Earls.

Earls happy hour is my place to be. My go to. Their shots start at $3 and their drinks are around $4. How much cheaper could it get? On top of that, their food is to die for on their happy hour menu. From chicken tacos, to yam fries, I live the best life whenever I head down to Earls. At this point I know the service workers on a first name basis and they definitely remember me.

My top choice of happy hour drinks? White Sangria, Vodka-Crans, and of course Tequila shots. You can never go wrong with those three. I always end up leaving Earls super smashed and I honestly love it. Cheap drinks, good food, amazing service, and top notch company? Sign me up!

Trust me, you won’t regret hitting up your nearest Earls. Best decision of your life I tell ya.

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