Self Care for Dummies

We all go through troubling times throughout our life. It’s what shapes us and equips us to be better prepared in the future. 2018 had to be the most challenging year for myself. I went through different moments that questioned by self worth, my ability to survive, and my mental stability. It was a year of lessons and hardships throughout, but I don’t regret it one bit. Without that year, I wouldn’t have learned to appreciate myself and learn from the mistakes i’ve made in the past.

When going through tough situations, we start to question every aspect of ourselves, from appearance to our personalities. This begins to shape our moods and how we go on about our days. It isn’t healthy whatsoever and breaks down every part of us. You start to love yourself less and feed off of the attention of others. This is extremely toxic, and it took me awhile to teach myself how to love me fully.

Loving yourself is so important! When you love yourself, your friendships become healthier, your relationships are stronger, you become whole.

I started searching ways to start loving myself again. I wanted to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate what I was seeing. I tried to read various articles on self care methods, each leaving me disappointed and weirded out. Drinking water, sleeping, bubble baths, stretching, face masks, going outside?! They all just sounded ridiculous to me. Drinking water doesn’t suddenly make me love myself. How does applying a face mask make me care for my mental state?

Instead of reading those bogus articles online, I decided to experiment a bit. Here is what helps me love myself more, and maybe these can help you too!



Therapy is a must! I don’t regret ever taking this route when taking drastic steps towards my self worth. Talking to someone professionally about what you are dealing with is so important and life saving. Having someone who is unbiased, listening to your issues and giving you genuine advice is extremely refreshing. Whether it’s a school counsellor, a teacher, or a therapist, let yourself out to those who can help most.  


Emotional Release

Having moments of emotional release is so beneficial. Crying on your own, screaming to yourself in the car or in your pillow feels amazing afterwards. When you let yourself FEEL, let yourself have that moment to let out all those emotions, is what eases your mental and physical state. So whenever you get the chance, let out a scream or cry to get yourself going and making yourself sane. Everyone needs to have a release from what the world is piling on their shoulders.



Working out has been extremely therapeutic for me. Whether it be contact sports or working out on my own, exercise finds a way to let out all my stress, frustrations, and anger I have built up. The more I work out and break a sweat, the more I feel myself mentally letting go of life’s bs. On the plus side, you start to physically be healthier, keeping your body and mind in shape.


Treat Yourself

Now, this I have to be very careful in stating. Treating yourself once in a while is a must. Buy yourself something you wouldn’t normally do. Go for a little shopping spree, but don’t overindulge in this. Treating yourself doesn’t mean you put yourself in credit card debt. That defeats the entire purpose. Treating yourself is spoiling yourself at rare occasions to make yourself feel good here and there. Take yourself out to watch a movie alone. Go to a restaurant by yourself. Just give a day or even a couple hours to treat yourself with some love.



Pets are extremely therapeutic. When you have something to take care of that constantly makes you happy just by their presence is the best feeling. Coming home to see them so happy to see your presence or noticing that they rely so much on you is adorable. It can honestly be any pet from lizards, fish, dogs, cats, and even birds. Pets can also sense emotions, so when you are sad you’ll notice your pet snuggle close to you as a form of comfort. They are a forever buddy and honesty the bestest friend you can ever have.


Self care is a must for every individual. Stop hiding your emotions and feelings behind unhealthy habits and ignorance, and start to accept the issues you are dealing with and the emotions that you are hiding. Like Justin Bieber once said, Love Yourself.

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