It’s The End Of The World As We Know It! Or Is It?


If you think movies about the world ending started with 2012, boy are you wrong. This trend that involves the inevitable destruction of humans and our beloved planet has been happening on the big screen since before the 50’s. The movie industry has just seemed to run out of ideas and has taken this idea that we are going to destroy the planet and twisted it enough ways to still be making movies about it 69 years later. I’m 21 so the very first “world ending” movie I actually understood was “A Day After Tomorrow” and that one is very well done. After that, “2012” was the next big one. I was younger and I’ll be honest, movies about the planet I lived on being destroyed terrified me. Since then writers have written the world into oblivion using zombies, aliens, weird invisible entities, natural disasters, giant nuclear clouds and a plethora of other supernatural phenomenons. I’m not complaining because I do really enjoy some of the apocalyptic movies that have been released but I wouldn’t mind seeing some other themes. That being said, I am also curious to see what other earthly ideas writers can come up with. Maybe the world will be overrun by some giant teletubbies or giant puppies. I am going to leave you with a list of my favorite movies where the world is either ending or has ended already because some crazy stuff can happen after earth has been abandoned for years. Also check out this Watchmojo video of their top ten world ending movies. 

Amara’s List:

Warm Bodies
This Is The End
Bird Box
The Girl With All The Gifts
The Edge of Tomorrow
After Earth 

Most of them are on Netflix so you’re welcome and enjoy your binge session!

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