Is it time for R Kelly to face the music?

Looks like it might be R Kelly’s time to face the music. Following the Lifetime documentary ‘Surviving R Kelly’ over the weekend it seems as if finally, people are taking these allegations seriously. Allegations stemming 20+ years.

The sad reality is that many people have struggled with the R Kelly allegations because of him being a “musical genius” and his collaborations with many famous artists. I have to admit, for a while even I struggled with this. Once I did my own research about all the allegations from his illegal marriage to late R&B sensation Aaliyah to his child pornography case up until the recent sex cult case, it became clear to me that in order to sleep well at night, I have to stop supporting R Kelly altogether. If I listen to any song by him today, I get extremely uncomfortable because of the meaning behind it.

Another aspect of this whole situation is that after years of ignoring these women, they are finally being heard. But why were these women ignored for so long? The sad reality is that being a black woman in the United States makes you one of the least privileged people in society. Less privilege involves less initiative to look into these allegations by prosecutors. In today’s social media age hopefully, more and more voices are heard so justice can be served. Its Twitter and shows like The Real Daytime that show these women’s stories.

Hopefully, we can continue to have these stories told and R Kelly can be brought to justice.

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