Bird Box interpretations

Bird Box has been out for a few weeks now and as a cultural movement, theories and underlying meanings have begun popping up on the internet. Some of the most interesting and intriguing ones involve immigration and mental illness.

Immigration has always been a hot issue, especially in the United States. In the Trump age, it seems as if the news on immigration is always a top topic on the news, social media and in everyday lives. Even right now, the government shutdown is because of a wall that is supposed to help keep immigrants out of the USA. In Bird Box, Sandra Bullock’s character tries to remove herself from the toxic situation in her home in order to save her children from the monster. Immigrant families trying to either cross the US/Mexico border or coming by ship to the USA are literally running away from their own ‘monster’. That monster is gang violence, sexism, persecution or so much more. Malorie is doing all she can to get her children to safety. Many people fail to see that many illegal immigrants’ last option is to try anyway to bring their children to safety. Safety to them is asylum in the USA.

There are so many other interpretations of Bird Box from the monster being a personification of mental illness to many others. In my opinion, I like that the movie has gotten so much buzz and people have analyzed it so much. It just gives more life to what people are thinking and what affects them.

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