How a drunken night reminded me there are still kind people in this world

This past Saturday night, my boyfriend and I decided to go out and celebrate both the new year and the fact that he is back in Vancouver after 3 weeks in Calgary visiting his family. 2 Latino’s out on the town usually means a lot of alcohol. We decided on going down on Main to The Shameful Tiki Room. After having to wait for a little while and just hanging around, we got our seat and the night began. The drinks were flowing one after the other until the night started becoming more and more blurry. Once 12:40 AM hit and final call were announced, we decided on one more drink before we headed out. That drink was gone in seconds and out the door, we went.

After wandering around the street for hours, these 2 young drunk gay boys usually enjoy ending their night with a poutine or 2. The only possible option for us was Lucy’s diner. Once that poutine was placed in front of us, we devoured it like animals. Of course, we wanted another one, so we asked for another one. Here’s the gag, our waitress tells us that a woman who happened to be walking outside saw us eating that poutine and decided to come inside and pay it for us. We don’t know who she was as we didn’t see anyone walk in. Obviously, at the time I was intoxicated and didn’t fully comprehend what had just happened but the next day when I was more or less sober, it made me think that still are people in this world who are kind. Whoever that woman was, did not need to do that for us, but she did.

So, to the anonymous woman walking down Main Street and E 12th Ave in Vancouver at around 3:00 AM on Saturday, January 6th. I really appreciate you. Thank you.


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