Beyond The Mask

Imagine, a little 5 year old brown girl, staring at the TV screen in awe because Spider man was on and he was swinging from building to building, fighting crime and saving the day. That little girl was me and I thought maybe one day I could grow up to do something just like that! Fast forward 16 years and clearly I’ve realized that’s not exactly possible, but something that could be possible, hasn’t exactly happened yet. Someone like me, portraying a superhero.

Over the past two years we’ve seen some significant changes in the movie/TV industry. “Black Panther” broke not only Blockbuster records, but also some big barriers in representation with the cast being majority African American. And if that wasn’t enough, there was “Crazy Rich Asians” with an all Asian cast – something that hasn’t been done since “The Good Luck Club” 25 years ago. I saw and loved both movies, and it’s great to see diversity grow in Hollywood. But one thing I am still craving is a superhero that looks like me. I am an East Indian, 21 year old woman and I have yet to see any mainstream hero that looks even just a little bit like me. Any brown representation would be satisfying whether it be characters that are Latina, Muslim or like me, Punjabi.

Growing up would have been so much different, having a strong woman kicking ass on screen to look up to. It would’ve empowered me and so many other girls around the world, motivated us and given us hope that one day we could do something just as significant. The only hero I could remotely see myself in was Storm from X-Men, who was portrayed as Halle Berry, and don’t get me wrong she is bad ass but she’s not entirely easy to relate to.

Then we have Wonder Woman who is played by Gal Gadot who is pretty freaking amazing but again she’s a tall, incredibly beautiful goddess from Israel and became Wonder Woman being a byproduct of Zeus so not completely relate able either.


So here’s me hoping we see a brown girl on the big screen sometime soon, maybe she’ll fight crime in a big city or be able to fly. And if there’s no actresses available, I will gladly step in.

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