Why New Years Resolutions are B.S.

Here we are seven days deep into 2019 and I’ll ask… how are those resolutions coming? Maybe you signed up for the gym, maybe you quit drinking or went on a diet, maybe you even went vegan because hey, it’s 2019, new year, new you right? Wrong!

I’ve always wondered what the hype is around new years and why people all of a sudden decide to make big lifestyle changes because we changed the 8 to a 9 when we write out the date. Really it’s just another day, and I know this may be an unpopular opinion but who’s to say you can’t make those changes any other day of the year. Why do we have to wait for January 1st to start making positive changes in our lives. Now that being said, I sat around with a migraine on New Years Eve that continued into New Years day, so I am a little bitter towards the people who actually enjoyed ringing in the new year. But still, getting drunk and kissing the person next to you at midnight doesn’t really correlate with the wave of good decisions you’re going to make the next morning because “new year, new you”.

So go to the gym whenever you goddamn feel like it, go for that run, buy that new vegan protein powder, pick up a new book or do whatever the hell it is that you think will make you a better version of yourself, because life is just too short to wait for a new year.




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