Sandra Oh Breaks Barriers

(Photo Creds: The National)

I grew up watching award shows and red carpet previews with a passion, but the past couple of years I wasn’t feeling motivated enough to stay up to date on what was being aired. It seemed excruciatingly repetitive and white washed, so I didn’t really bother tuning in anymore. However, this year was different.

I made sure my schedule was all cleared up and stayed cozy in my living room waiting for the Golden Globes to air within minutes. This years Golden Globes meant more to me and so many others than what it seemed. Growing up watching white faces play every possible role really took a toll within myself and countless other minorities. We grew up with little to no representation or recognition, while learning that our faces were never meant to be on screen. This year however, it changed.

Sandra Oh, or from what many remember as the forefront of Grey’s Anatomy, broke barriers this year as the first Asian to host the Golden Globes, an award show that has been actively airing since the 1940s. On top of that, Oh took home Best Actress in a TV Drama for her role in Killing Eve, making her the first Asian to win the award since 1980.

Through the end of her first monologue, alongside Andy Samberg, Oh gave a heartfelt speech on change and her role as host for the night. Her monologue and her Golden Globe winning speech brought emotion and tears within myself. Seeing culture, heritage, and representation of minorities within a fairly white centric platform is groundbreaking. The struggle to reach to the point where Sandra Oh has overcome while using her platform to push people of colour forward is absolutely amazing.

“I said yes to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here to look out into this audience and witness this moment of change, but right now, this moment is real.”

From her exposure of white actors taking lead asian roles for themselves such as Emma Stone’s role in Aloha, to the prime example of white washing minorities work– Sandra Oh took complete advantage of being a host. Who knows, maybe the duo will come back to host once more.

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