Warming Centres Open in Vancouver

Four warming centers have opened up in Vancouver this week to aid in protecting the homeless from the extreme cold. The locations include: Vancouver Public Library’s Central branch, the Britannia Community Centre, West End Community Centre and the Powell Street Getaway.

Nadine Horwitz, the coordinator of the Powell Street Getaway explains the importance of the shelters.

The shelters that are in Vancouver, they fill up and they’re always full year round so especially when cold weather comes we do open up some extreme weather shelters for people to sleep at but even those fill up. There are a lot of homeless people so to be able to help those who aren’t able to get into a shelter of any kind, the warming centers are great because it gives them a  chance to get out the cold to get warm to have something maybe to eat and somewhere to feel safe.

This is the third year the warming center program is running in Vancouver. Anyone seeking use of the shelter can call 211 for more information.

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