Vaping Results in Locked bathrooms at North Van School

Seycove Secondary in North Van is experiencing a severe bout of student vaping. Pupils have been leaving class to convene in the bathroom and inhale vapors produced by a variety of e-cigarette devices.

Things have gotten so bad that Seycove staff have had to close most of the schools washrooms.

Dennika Michaud, the district spokesperson explains the situation.

“So the washrooms on the main floor are unlocked those are the larger washrooms. The ones on the top floor and the bottom floor wing have signs on them indicating they are locked due to the vaping issue and the purpose is to not only to monitor those main washrooms to hopefully actually be able to catch the students who are actually vaping and be able to monitor that more closely but also to draw the entire student populations awareness to it and bring them all together.”

The long term health effects of vaping are still unknown in the youth population.

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