The Night Before should be Appreciated more

Seth Rogen has done a lot for Canada, maybe even a little too much (looking at you, repetitive TransLink messages). Though he has done so much, one of his most under appreciated creations is his Christmas movie – The Night Before. Rogen was one of the three main stars, along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie, and Rogen also was credited in a Producer role. The movie follows three friends as they make their way through a final Christmas night together, as two of the three are growing up and starting families. In typical Seth Rogen movie fashion, there are hijinx related to marijuana, and him being jewish.

It’s a real great, feel good movie that is something that is definitely worth checking out this holiday season. That’s just my opinion though, and I am easily entertained, which probably says a lot about me. The reviews on the movie since release in 2015 have been mixed. Rogen definitely isn’t a huge part of the movie, as it mainly revolves around Gordon-Levitt’s character and how he is dealing with the loss of his friends. Regardless, Rogen still makes his usual funny appearances. The Night Before is definitely a worth while movie to check out, especially if you’re already a big fan of other Seth Rogen movies.

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