Do Baby Blue Blazers Need to Come Back?

Broadcasting can get very similar, especially in sports. It seems like there’s a competition between all sports broadcasting companies to see how much content they can fit into an hour while still being generic enough for everyone to like. The idea of having non-stop content is great, but in reality it can be too much. Saturdays in Canada, however, used to be sacred. They were reserved for hockey, and only hockey. Saturdays were made to sit in front of the TV and watch Canadian teams battle it out against their NHL counterparts, while the staff of CBC’s Broadcasting crew donned their beautiful baby blue blazers – setting them apart from other broadcasting companies (these blazers were recently worn for a single Saturday, and I have no idea why these aren’t worn full time).

Yes, Hockey Night in Canada is still a thing, but it doesn’t have the same effect. Maybe that is just because instead of being on just CBC, it is spread across three or four separate TV channels, while still trying to keep the broadcast unified. Or maybe it’s just because we have access to so many different forms of entertainment, and as a hockey fan, Saturday’s just don’t have that sacred feeling anymore. Either way, bringing back those baby blue blazers is probably a good place to start.

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