James Cameron Is Bringing New Techniques to Film making

James Cameron, born in 1954 out of Kapuskasing, Ontario, has been a pioneer in the film industry for decades. Whether it’s The Terminator, Titanic, or Avatar, Cameron has been pushing the limits of film and exploring new ways to deliver on a movie. Many people consider Avatar one of the best visual and audio experiences you can get in a theatre, and due to the widespread success of the original Avatar, why has there been such a long wait for the 2020 sequel?

Well, in James Cameron fashion, he was waiting until he could perfect underwater motion capture. As the sequel will be mainly set underwater, Cameron believed it was crucial to have the proper technology available to capture movements underwater properly, which is something that hasn’t been done yet. James has said that he will be releasing three or four sequels within a short span, as opposed to the eleven year wait from the 2009 original to the upcoming sequel. Most of the sequels are rumoured to be mainly set underwater, and almost all are being filmed simultaneously, which lends itself well to the rapid release of the sequels. We will have to wait until 2020 to see what changes James Cameron is bringing to filmmaking, but you can be sure it will be a great experience.

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