Does the House Hippo Need to Return?

The North American House Hippo was a phenomenon that swept across our great nation (and the Eastern United States). Urban Dictionary defines the House Hippo as “A rather rotund house pet (eg. cat) due to it’s contant hoovering up of chips, raisins, crumbs from peanut butter on toast and anything else it can get it’s gums around.”, the House Hippo will also make it’s nest from lost mittens and dryer lint, as they usually sleep around 16 hours a day.

You know that commercial, it’s made by Concerned Children Advertiser’s of Canada, and was a staple of Canadian television in the early 2000’s. It was meant to be spoken in the same style of narraration as the Hinterland Who’s Who series (which was also a staple of Canadian TV commercials), which was meant to make it seem more real.

Concerned Children Advertisers statement about the commercial was to educate children about critical thinking with regard to what they see in television advertising, and remind them that “it’s good to think about what you’re watching on TV, and ask questions”.

The idea that children should think more about what they’re watching is something that should be more prevalent today, especially with the rise of Youtube as a source of entertainment. With this new age of entertainment the world may need a little more House Hippo.

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