Album Anticipation: Said The Whale – Cascadia

Last week, our writer Brooke Graham alluded you to what to expect from the new Said the Whale album – which you can read here, plus the announcement of a joint concert with Mother Mother starting next year. Well we’ve got a bit more to update to give to you.

The Juno-award winning Vancouver indie folk and rock band will be releasing their sixth studio album on February 6th, 2019 (there last album was 2017’s “As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide Open”). The upcoming album will be titled “Cascadia,” and will consist of 12 brand new tracks. This is also the first album they’re releasing signed under “Arts & Crafts” label.

Back in October, the band released the first single from the album, “UnAmerican,” and just a few weeks ago, added two more singles releasing the songs “Wake Up,” and the song the album is named after, “Cascadia.”

And if two more songs weren’t enough to excite you, the band is also adding a bit of a film aspect. That is, the band released the first episode of a three-part mini docu-series highlighting each of the three band members. The first episode, featuring the keyboardist Jaycelyn Brown, went up on YouTube the same day as the two singles (in other words, that was a great day for Said the Whale fans). The first episode gives you a better look into the everyday life of Jaycelyn, including the advantages of living up in Whistler, her skills in the kitchen, and a focus on her relationships – especially with her dog.

As for the name of the album, according to a statement made by band member Tyler Bancroft, it comes from “the name of a proposed country comprised of British Columbia and the western United States… That, at its core, is the physical manifestation of our music.” Bancroft continues saying,

“All the elements that initially attracted people to our band are on this album but filtered through the lens of eleven years of experience with songwriting, touring, and just working together as people. When we started this band we were rudderless 20-somethings — over a decade later we are still making music, but along with that we’ve got marriages, engagements, and children in the mix. So we’ve essentially grown up together. With that level of camaraderie there is a degree of comfort and calmness that permeates the creative process.”

And of course for those who are curious about the tracklist for the album…

  1. Wake Up
  2. UnAmerican
  3. Love Don’t Ask
  4. Cascadia
  5. Shame
  6. Old Soul, Young Heart
  7. Record Shop
  8. Moonlight
  9. Broken Man
  10. Love Always
  11. Level Best
  12. Gambier Island Green

In the meantime, you can always check out their social media pages – all @saidthewhale – including a much beloved Myspace account.

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