Where has Jim Carrey been?

I know what has been burning your cranium lately, and in fact it’s been burning everyone’s cranium – where is Jim Carrey? The Ace Ventura, Truman, Grinch actor was as prolific as anyone in the late 1990’s on the silver screen. He is one of the most famous Canadian actors ever, but he seemed to just disappear after dumb and dumber to. Like many extremely famous people, Jim Carrey got weird. Like really weird. The elephant from Horton Hears a Who has been painting political art, with a specific focus on Donald Trump and what is happening in US politics. The art is oddly abstract and kind of unnerving, here’s an example, titled i-scream:

It just makes me uncomfortable, but maybe that’s what he’s going for? He has seemed to create a new signature Jim Carrey character, though this time it obviously isn’t in a movie. Many famous people seem to go down a weird road once they’ve fallen from grace – Britney Spears is a prime example.
Jim has also recently began starring in a tv series titled “Kidding”, which debuted in September. The show is currently running on showtime and has received mixed reviews, though most reviews of Jim Carrey’s acting has been positive. Hopefully he continues to develop his characters and maybe take on some more career defining roles in the future.

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