Ryan Reynolds is set to be a prolific character

Ryan Reynolds is one of Vancouver’s, if not Canada’s most famous actors. He has tackled multiple super hero roles, with his most iconic being Green Lantern Deadpool, and has also taken on many dramatic roles. But his most challenging role maybe upcoming, as he is morphing his voice and face into the most iconic Pokémon of all time. Reynolds will be doing both the voice and motion capture of Pikachu in the upcoming movie Detective Pikachu. There isn’t too much information about why Ryan Reynolds decided to take on this role, as money most likely isn’t an issue for the uber-popular actor. He does seem to know what his audience is about and judging from the first trailer (found below), the upcoming Pokémon movie will have a similar, though more kid friendly, tone as Deadpool.

Obviously, it won’t be exactly the same, but a lot of the traits Ryan Reynolds have as Deadpool will carry over to most of his characters. Time will tell us how this venture goes for Ryan, but the movie does seem to be trending positively, well at least as positive as you can get for a hyper-realistic Pokémon movie. Detective Pikachu debuts in theatres in May 2019.

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