Compass Wristbands: A blessing?

In the new age of technology things are constantly adapting and changing to keep up with the average consumer. Recently, Translink announced a new way to tap in and out of our daily commutes. The new compass card wristband is here! Anyone can have one, and I mean anyone. Today they were selling a limited 2000, 1000 for adults, 1000 for children. Very exclusive…

So you would think, “Hey this is cool! There are people out there who really need this accessibility upgrade, good for Translink!” Well, that’s not the case. The bands were available for everyone, and this is the only time to get them in 2018. Since 6am this morning, people lined up at Stadium Chinatown station to get these. Regular people, people who thought it was such a cool new thing. No, they did not prioritize people who actually need them. Worst part is, everyone in line could buy 4 at a time before they realized how crazy the line got, then limited it to two. Pretty poor organization and planning on Translink’s part.

Don’t blame the general public either, not everyone realizes how their actions affect others. I mean hey, I would have loved to get one myself, and if not you, then it would have been someone else that doesn’t really need it. You would think a company that’s been around as long as Translink, has as many customers, and as many staff working on these upgrades, someone surely would have thought of it. That would make too much sense!

If you do have accessibility issues and you do need one or you just want one for those weekend nights out, too bad! Next batch won’t be available until February 2019. Sorry!

Source: Vancouver Sun

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