Once Upon a Deadpool

Deadpool is coming back this December! However, with a special edition…

The famous Marvel character Deadpool has always been targeting the adults market, because of its large amount of 19+ content. But this time teenagers or even children are able to watch because it has re-edited Deadpool 2 to a PG-13 rating.It will have a much shorter length as well as a short run from December 12th to Christmas Eve. Oh, and I forget to mention the title, Once Upon a Deadpool.

What’s also different is this time Fred Savage, an actor from Wonder Years will be joining the cast. Savage and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), got together and shot some new sequences for this re-release.

The original version of Deadpool 2 was heavily shot in Vancouver last year. It is notable that Vancouver is Ryan Reynolds hometown. Lots of downtown streets are recognizable in the film, including Hastings, Burrard, etc.

One interesting fact to note is that Deadpool 2 was rated as the year’s top R-rated hit. On its opening weekend, it brought $125 million USD, while the total box office was $734.2 million USD. I think it brings out all of our curiosities when such a successful R-rated movie is going to scale down its violence.

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