Glass Spirit

You, who walks, breathes, speaks.
The perfect attributes of an average being.
In plain, yet magnificent simplicity.
In broad, yet clear structure.
Fully formed, fully realized.
Finally begin your journey in utilizing your attributes to your potential.

And you appear to succeed, you blend alongside other beings well.
You walk, talk, among them. You appear to be “normal” as they would describe it.

A being of well-rounded attributes successfully integrated into this respective society.
Alas, all seems well, and nothing more seems to matter.

But, through countless days of remaining among these individuals.
Your character, your persona perfected and respected.
Your routine thought out.
You at last hit the road block.

The dampener of hope. The repulsion of faith.
You receive news of troublesome matters.
“What was it?” you wonder.
“What did I do wrong?” “Where I did I go wrong?” “Why did I fail?”
“What hope remains for me?”
All questions that become to form and circulate within the complexities of my mind,
But more often than not, the answer always remaining unclear.

Now the challenge is presented.
Are you, as a well-rounded being,
capable of remaining whole and complete despite the circumstances?
As you try and try, you scramble for consistent stability.
You try to block out all the thoughts, as if they were rocks thrown at a window.
And alas, like glass, your spirit finally breaks.

Piece by piece, you fall apart.
Almost irreparable, the pieces no longer fit.
And you remain completely split.
So now the question becomes:
“How will you return to form?”


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