Toad People

Did you know that BC is one of the only two provinces in Canada which doesn’t have endangered species law? Did you know that there are 1900 species at risk?

Toad People is a short B.C. film produced by the Wilderness Committee which documents the story of people across British Columbia who take actions to help save the endangered species, including toads. I found this film because of a news story that says the film has won the Impact Award at the Wildscreen film festival, a famous film festival in England. That’s really big for a community-based group like this.

I think when you drive on the road of a national park, you would hardly pay attention to small things under your wheels. Well, according to the documentary, the western toads migrate three times a year, and when they do, they are massively covering the road. So maybe while you are listening to the car-load music, some toads get injured, or lose their lives.

Honestly, when I first saw their film title I was a little surprised. Why would they tell stories about toads? They are species that are unnoticeable in our environment and some people don’t even like toads because of their look. However, it’s such an “unimportant” species that is vital to our ecosystem.

The producers of this documentary have made their work to the international stage and they deserve the award.

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