The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival is coming

Missed the VIFF? No worries, the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival is coming with a celebration for its 30th Anniversary. It will be held from November 8th to 18th.

As the longest running Canadian Jewish film festival, they have the theme of “Our 30th Anniversary Brings The World To Vancouver” this year. The festival will provide great Jewish films from around the world, ranging from love stories, documentaries, to comedies, thrillers, etc. So, pretty much with a wide selection.

Other than screening the movies, they’ll also invite guest filmmakers and producers to share their stories.  If you think guest talks are still not appealing enough, then you can expect audience interactions. According to highlights from previous years, the festival even does FaceTime conversations between producers and audience members in the theatre. That’s right, with the giant screen. So people can ask questions out of their own interests. Pretty casual but educational.

Vancouver has a Jewish population of over 26,000. This is a community with close ties between each other. What had happened to them in the past makes them strong and proud of their culture.

INSPIRE. CONNECT. EDUCATE. ENTERTAIN. You can’t miss the 2018 Vancouver Jewish Film Festival.

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