The Ultimate Nacho Bowl

With the utmost deference and admiration for the humble nacho, Evolution has got you covered on National Nacho Day with a recipe for the ultimate nacho bowl.

Chip: Forget everything you’ve been told about nachos — you aint no “Basic B” so lets start thinking outside the box. Replace the standard nacho chip with sweet chilli heat doritos. The delicate balance of sweet and heat will add the perfect base to your nachos.

Cheese: Developing a flavourful and complex cheese profile is an art. You could give in to the finer things in life and reach for a pungent brie or creamy havarti, but we’re going for glory. I recommend constructing and using a bechamel sauce strictly from Kraft Dinner cheese powder pouches.

Meat: Beef is boring! I like to draw inspiration from the classic surf and turf pairing when it comes to selecting protein. Show your friends how fun and sassy you are by opting for calamari and THICC cut bacon.

Heat: Don’t get me wrong about jalapenos but there’s a time and place and this situation calls for a crowd pleasing sriracha mayo sauce (be liberal).

Sour Creme: It’s all about consistency when putting together a tasty dish. People appreciate an eye for detail! Complete the creative loop on your masterpiece by topping with heavy globs of garlic-y tzatziki.

After you’ve layered these items in an order and quantity of your liking (except for the tzatziki, that comes just before serving), simply bake at 300 degrees for 10 minutes and serve. The very last step is to enjoy the applause and admiration of your friends and family as they scarf down every last bite.


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