The Pernell Reichert Band at The Wolf and Hound

You know what I love about The Wolf and Hound? Chilling out there and enjoying myself a Shirley Temple. You know what I love even more about The Wolf and Hound? Listening to a band play there and chilling out there and enjoying myself a Shirley Temple. And this Friday at 8:30pm, we get to chill there and listen to The Pernell Reichert Band play there. YAY!!!!!! Okay, first to give you some background, The Pernell Reichert Band have been around since the early 2000’s, and their genre is rooted in country and their main instruments consists of banjos, harmonica, and guitars. And usually they tend to favor visiting the local Wolf and Hound pub in Vancouver as they enjoy spending time around there.

As far as country goes, I think it’s a decent, albeit mildly underrated genre. And if it was to ever come up on the radio, it wouldn’t really hurt me to listen to it. Often I hear people state their dislike or at the very least, disinterest with the genre, and I don’t quite understand why sometimes. And for The Pernell Reichert Band, they are pretty decent band to listen to, nothing extraordinary but quite fun. I’ve only listened to one of their songs which was “The Road (You Ain’t The One)”, and it sounded pretty good. To be perfectly honest though, it sounds like something I would play if I was going cross-country or something. But yeah, if you are one of those people who actually has an interest in country, go chill at the Wolf and Hound this Friday night. You won’t be disappointed.


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