Her Brothers – Album Release Party

Back to rock we go with the band “Her Brothers” (seems like I might encounter a lot of those now), and they’ll be playing at the PAL Studio Theatre in Vancouver this Saturday at 7:00pm. Her Brothers is a band of Canadian origin consisting of three actual brothers (Gabe, Josh, and Levi) that’s been around since 2015, not having a whole lot of albums under their name, but still have made at least a couple every year. And this Saturday, they will be releasing their new album “Tribe”, where they have already released three of the singles, “Human”, “Wake Up, and “Stay”.

I’ve listened to “Stay” and I must admit, the song sounds great and definitely made a good impression for me for the album, it’s one out of three songs. But if “Stay” is any indication, the album release should be looking to be pretty successful, especially if you’re a fan of the band in general. And as someone who usually considers rock to be relatively either a big hit or a big miss, I would say they have definitely got me interested in rock, though I probably should listen to other albums though to get a bigger impression of them. Overall, I would say definitely go check the event out, whether you’re a fan of rock or a fan of the band as a whole, there definitely should be something in there to appeal to you.

CAPTION: https://www.langleytimes.com/entertainment/her-brothers-perform-free-concert-july-20/

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