DJ Seinfeld – Celebrities Underground Nightclub

A night of fun on the dance floor is the perfect way to spend a Friday night, and where else would you spend it but at Celebrities Underground at Davie Street? Ok, maybe there are a couple places, but this Friday night, you get to have Armand Jakobsson, better known as “DJ Seinfeld”, deejay you for a wild Friday night as part of his “DJ Kicks” Tour. For those of you who don’t know, DJ Seinfeld is a Sweden-born, Barcelona-residing producer who has prevalent in the music world since 2016, his most popular album seemingly being “Time Spent Away From U”.

I haven’t listened to all the songs on the album, as I recently just discovered the artist, but I have listened to one of his songs, which was “Bring U Back”. And from what I listened to, he’s definitely great at making a catchy beat and it’s perfect for a Friday night break dance. As far as the song goes for the dance/electronic genre, it’s pretty great as well, though I personally wouldn’t call it the best song of the genre. Still though, if you’re in the mood for a heck of a beat and a party-dude kind of vibe, definitely go check it out this Friday. It starts at 10pm and finishes at 2:30am, so be sure to be ready for a wild night.


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