Two Scoops of Canadiana on the Big Screen

I feel a little silly when I get involved in any conversation centring around the Canadian film and television scene. I’m largely ill-informed, comparatively, and because to me, it’s all the same. You can keep reading this article because aside from that concession, I do have a point to make. Most of the productions in the city are from American media companies and a large portion of the top billing talent are as well. Most of the profits from those movies and shows make their way back there, too.

When I see shows like The Killing, that are filmed in Vancouver but sold off as some Washington or Oregon town, I feel the hometown pride slowly drain from my being. Why isn’t Vancouver special? And by some extension that makes perfect sense to me, are they saying that I’m not special?

So if, you like to find self validation in movies and TV shows like I do, get ready for two big spoon fulls of Canadiana on the big screen! Fans of Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach have been swooning since the summer, when it was announced that the award winning book would be adapted and brought to the big screen.

The importance of this movie can’t be downplayed in any context. It a book written by a first nations author, set (and actually filmed) in Kitimat and it will star Canadian First Nations actors, Adam Beach and Kate Dove. It should also be said, without spoiling anything, the mix of supernatural and bittersweet moments in the book, will really make for something special on screen.  

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