Mad Dogs and Vancouverites: A re-imagining of the classic Joe Cocker Album

Coming this Weekend to Vancouver is the Mad Dogs and Vancouverites event at the Kay Meek Centre. It will last both Saturday and Sunday and will be at 7:30pm, respectively. The events is said to comprise different artists re-imagining of the Joe Cocker album from 1970 “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” (which the event is based off of). The event will have many different local artists including¬†Matt Andersen, CR Avery, Roy Forbes, Rich Hope, Khari Wendell McClelland, Ndidi Onukwulu and Dawn Pemberton, who will all bring their own form of re-imaging to the album, respectively.

Now personally, I am usually not a big fan of re-imagining the works of an artist in general whether that be music or any other form of media. But I’m open to see how this one goes. I didn’t originally know much about Joe Cocker until recently when I heard about the event and discovered his “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” album, but from what I’ve listened to on the album which was “The Weight”, it’s a pretty great album, and I can definitely see it appealing to fans of Classic rock. And if you’re open to re-interpretations of this song and the album in general, I would definitely give this a shot and see if it respects the original album or not. And I myself, wish all the local artists at the event the best of luck.


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