I M U R – Thirty33 EP Album Release Party

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for a cinematic flair in music. Not sure why really, but I just do. So to first discover I M U R’s (I am, you are) style, is an intrigue to me. Their style which consists of not only a cinematic, visually striking flair to their music videos, but also a sultry, atmospheric tune. Their songs “Breathless” and “Should Be” are good examples of that. The former of which was played on an episode of the sci-fi series “Orphan Black”. Their list of songs date all the way back to 2015 with some of their early albums including “Little Death” and “FFL”.

And so, this Thursday at 8:00pm at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, I M U R will be having a release party for their new album “Thirty33”. Not much info has been released about the album currently, outside of one available song to listen to, which is “Afterglow”, which I will leave for whoever wants to hear it down below. I’ve listened to the song myself, and it gives exactly what I’ve come to expect from the band. A sultry, atmospheric tune, and lyrics that leave that strike up a particular feeling from them.

CAPTION: http://www.ponderosafestival.com/2017-lineup/imur/

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