Courtney Barnett – Double Night at the Vogue Theatre

The world of rock is quite a fascinating one, for it’s a genre that’s gone through many changes and combinations throughout the years. From indie, to alternative, to psychedelic, rock is quite a multilayered genre in it of itself. Now I must admit, I wouldn’t call myself the #1 biggest fan of rock in general, but if it comes up on the radio every now and then, I wouldn’t mind listening to it. So, when I finally came across Courtney Barnett, a rock artist from Melbourne, I was curious to see what she could bring to the table for the world of rock. And needless to say, she brings quite the intriguing approach to rock ‘n’ roll in general. A rapid fire, constant rambling sort-of style, and lyrics with a dash of wit and personality to them. A particular album to recommend would be one of her first albums “Something I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit”, which is to this day her most critically acclaimed album. I’ll leave a link to the song “Pedestrian at Best” below.

And fortunately, for big fans of Barnett, she will be coming to Vancouver this week to the Vogue Theatre this Tuesday and Wednesday, at 7:00pm both nights for her “Tell Me How You Really Feel” Tour where she will release her new album (titled “Tell Me How You Really Feel”) I haven’t listened to much of the album, but the reviews currently are generally positive and if you are a big fan of her work. Definitely go check her out, for her brief tour in Vancouver.




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