A 2.5 hour commute… no thanks!

Where were you at 7am this morning? It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving long weekend, which means you’re going back to work today and so is everyone else, so naturally there is bound to be some traffic. But what I didn’t expect on my commute this morning was for the second widest bridge in the world to be closed! It’s the busiest bridge in Vancouver! It’s ten lanes! They closed a ten lane bridge! It’s the only way I can get to school under an hour -other routes would take me over 2 hours. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, driving an hour to school every day, but honestly it’s not too bad -I live in Chilliwack so I’m used to driving out to hang with friends and go out and I’m on campus here at BCIT a fair bit. But I do not enjoy sitting between two exits for more than an hour and it was literally right before the bridge. And then because I have the best luck, right as I’m getting into the detour lane -the cop moves the cones out of the way and the bridge reopens. I’m already in the other lane so there’s nothing I can do other than accept my fate. At least I got to see the charred semi truck on the bridge that closed it in the first place. This truck was like crispy BBQ, I’m not sure if anyone was hurt but it didn’t look like it. If anyone was hurt, I apologize for being annoyed just try to keep your fires off the busiest bridge in Van, girls got to get to school. Any of you commuting -I feel your pain and if you ever want to complain about traffic I’m your girl.

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