Why the Scenic Route is Better than the Quick Route.

There really is nothing like taking a drive on a beautiful day. Especially on a scenic route. Let’s take the Hope-Princeton for example. So, if you’re going to the Okanagan you have two route choices. The Coquihalla and the Hope-Princeton. The Hope-Princeton is slightly longer by about half an hour. The Coquihalla is super quick but the scenery is boring and stale. The Hope-Princeton has beautiful scenery. So in my opinion it’s well worth the extra wait. Plus, it’s way more dynamic and the roads are curvy and fun.

Well, this is exactly how I feel about Scenic Route to alaska (See what I did there ;)). I would much rather take the scenic route to Alaska then the boring one.  In all seriousness Scenic Route to Alaska is an upcoming band from Edmonton and I’ve got to say they approach music without the intention of making music to be famous. I often find that to be a problem with local artists. Many of them are making their music with the goal to become a star or rich and famous. There’s nothing wrong with that, but often the passion for their music is filtered out and you definitely hear it. This is not the case  for Scenic Route to Alaska. Their albums flow nicely and not only their hunger for success but their utter love for music displays itself very nicely on their album Tough Luck.

Source: The Gateway

Plus, look how cute they are!

Make sure you check them out at the Wise Hall tomorrow night October 6th. The show starts at 8PM!

You can buy tickets here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1745770


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