Why mint toothpaste is the only option at the dentist

So I went to the dentist yesterday and it was no different than any other trip, but a thought popped into my head and I feel that it needs to be shared. Why does the dentist offer you multiple flavors of toothpaste?

In my mind there should only be one kind and that’s good ol’ mint. It’s the classic toothpaste flavor cause after you use it your mouth feels fresh, none of the other types give you that sensation. It also makes an unpleasant experience tolerable. It’s not close when it comes to toothpaste flavors, mint is number 1! I was offered orange toothpaste and I’m like nothing orange flavored tastes good, if it’s not an actual orange or orange juice I don’t want any sort of oarngey taste in my mouth.

Orange is an obvious no when it comes to the selection but they try to trick you with one and it’s chocolate. I fell for that as a kid, the dentist was listing the types of flavors I can have and I heard chocolate and as a kid your like chocolate! Oh yes how can that be bad, that’s awesome. Let me tell you it was literally the worst, I struggled with that cleaning. Chocolate is supposed to create cavities not protect my teeth from them so after that I vowed never to make any more dumb toothpastes decisions again and only choose mint.

If your one of those adventurous people that like those odd toothpaste flavors then props to you. I’ll call you crazy but you should know that I have an some of respect that you would actually do that to yourself. In the end mint is the best and the only option when it comes to getting my teeth cleaned. Although, strawberry does seem like an enticing flavor cause everything that tastes like strawberry is great but I thought the same with chocolate and I was wrong and I learned my lesson. It’s mint and only mint at the dentist and I’m pretty sure that 10 out of 10 dentists would recommend mint.

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