AHH!! A Wilhelm Scream.

So you know that scream you hear in like every movie, It’s so hard to replicate but it just sounds so good? For me, I heard in the Lego Star Wars game when you jump off a cliff. Yes, It is in the Star Wars movies. Pretty sure It’s in like every movie ever. Can you guess it? It’s the Wilhelm Scream. Yeah, These dudes named their band after it. Literally an “Icon Livin”. I’m looking at you Jaden Smith. No he’s not in the band, he just has a song called ICON. It’s real good, check it out.

Source: Twitter

Anyways, A Wilhelm Scream is an awesome heavy hitting hardcore band from Bedford Massachusetts. They’ve been around since the 90’s and are still kicking it and giving their fans some of the best performances ever. These guys are serious about what they do and content reflects that. They’re playing on Sunday night October 7th at the Wise Hall. They’ve gone through huge band overhauls changing out almost every member at some point. That’s pretty crazy to think about. It’s odd how the world works that way. Sometimes things need to be taken apart multiple times before the universe decides that the best version of said thing has emerged. Clearly this has been the case A Wilhelm Scream.

With their seven Studio Albums and other projects as well as their amazing stage presence October 7th definitely seems like it will be a night to remember.

Grab Tickets Here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1696689


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