The History of the Strawberry

The least berry of all the berries is the strawberry. In my opinion I would deem it the most overrated fruit. It just doesn’t seem fair that something, like the strawberry, that isn’t actually a berry can be considered the best berry. It’s like calling Die Hard the best Christmas movie. Yes, it’s a movie set around Christmas but it isn’t actually a Christmas movie. That’s a #HotTake.

Now that the controversial opinions are out of the way we can talk about the history of the Strawberry. The first mention of the strawberry is in ancient roman literature, where they used it in medicinal treatments. The french later started moving the strawberry from the forest and moved it into their gardens so they could harvest them. Charles V actually had 1200 strawberry plants in his royal garden.

The brilliant idea to combine strawberries and cream was created by Thomas Wolsey for King Henry VIII. So we have our boy Thomas to thank for the delicacy. By the end of the sixteenth century the English had created 3 different kinds of strawberries, with 2 being used for medicinal purposes.

There is also a female strawberry species apparently. I’m not sure how they mate, but obviously they have some way to get it on. The female type of strawberry was first found in Chile, though apparently the female strawberry produced no fruit, so there really isn’t a point in that being a thing.

Nowadays the strawberry is consumed in a variety of ways, but as I said in the beginning, it is and always will be the most overrated fruit.

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